G.F.G.S. Made in Kamo, Niigata. Pure Organic Cotton 100%

All our 100% organic cotton is sourced from Texas U.S.A.Texas has a climate and excellent natural conditions for growing high grade organic cotton.Even thick organic cotton fabric has a soft silky, luxuriant texture. At G.F.G.S. we choose the highest quality organic cotton. This process has taken several years, to ensure the finest quality products for our customers.
※1 Japan Organic Cotton Association - 日本オーガニックコットン協会
※2 JOCAの一番厳しい認定基準をクリアしたものだけが”ピュア”の認証を受けられます
The raw cotton fibers are spinned into thread at a factory located in Japan.All our organic cotton *2 used in our produces are approved by JOCA*1 .
*1 Japan Organic Cotton Association
*2 JOCA is the highest certificate for quality and is recognized as the standard level of approval in the industry.
We aim to reverse the public image of organic cotton products. All our shirts come in a wide variety of shades and colors. Shirts can be custom dyed to create an original color to suit all tastes.Our cotton products are dyed at the thread stage, to limit fading, loss of color and exposure to sun light.
From raw cotton to threading, all our products are 100% chemical free. Giving an individual character to each shirt, making your garment as unique as you are.The quality control process allows our weavers to select the best materials, maintain a high quality product, and select cloth best suited to the CLASSIC or PLAY shirts
High temperature steaming allows the fabric to tighten and shrink. We select the optimal water temperature to wash the fabric and combined with steaming process results in a stable yet unique characteristic to each shirt. As a company policy we never use harsh chemicals or fabric softener through the steaming process.
今では海外生産が多くなった縫製作業をG.F.G.S.はより大切にしたいと考えます。 一見地味な縫製作業は実は多くの経験と熟練を要する作業です。国内・町内生産ゆえの丁寧できめ細かい縫製で、長く愛される製品づくりを心がけています。
Unlike other closing companies we never outsource our manufacturing overseas. We have a passion and dedication to ensure our garments in the classic and play ranges are produced in Japan.At first glance, sewing stage seems easy. However the process requires great skill and dedication in the manufacturing process.Focusing on domestic production and town production, we ensure an eye for detailed sewing and a product beloved by our customers.
縫製とあわせて、検品・出荷を加茂市駅前商店街にあるG.F.G.S. DESIGN LAB.で行っています。ファクトリーブランドとして、発信の場から直接お客様へお届けしています。
These stages including sewing are carried out at G.F.G.S. Design Laboratory located in Kamo City shopping district.As a brand we supply directly to the customer.